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Because I am an employee,your financial support will be designated from the general fund, and cover wages. 

Our Mission
Not4Sale is an initiative dedicated to the rescue and restoration of children caught in the sex trade. Our mission is to bring back dignity and wholeness to those from whom it was stolen. We are motivated to serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.
Defending the Dignity of the Defenseless
Our Mandate
Not4Sale has a mandate to rescue children caught against their will in human trafficking – particularly the sex trade. Our goal is to give them a home in which they can be restored to wholeness – body, soul and spirit. We aim to do this by providing safe houses with trained, caring staff who will unconditionally love these children and help them through their healing process.

We are excited to announce that in early 2016 we are opening our first home in Mexico. 
Robyn Friesen has been hired to manage this mission.

If you are interested in supporting this mission financially, you can make a one time or monthly donation to Victory Christian Fellowship c/o Not4Sale Mexico.

For Paypal, please follow the link below and designate it to Not4Sale Mexico.

Designation: Not4Sale Mexico

For Cheques, please send them to:

Victory Christian Fellowship c/o Not4Sale Mexico.
Victory Christian Fellowship Church
Box 1780
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J4K4

Donations that are made go to the project and not to any individual team members and no team members names should appear on any cheques or envelopes. 

If you would like to make a personal donation to Robyn, send it directly to her and please know that it cannot be receipted. 

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