Sunday, March 25, 2018

God's Territory

There is a place where I currently reside. Its an uncomfortable place, even though it begs of peace and rest.
But its uncomfortable for me, because I can't control my surroundings, and maybe even my outcome, I can only control my response to it. Its uncomfortable for me, because I have to let go of everything around me that would appear to bring stability and just hold on to one thing......Jesus.

I'm not sure what my immediate future holds, and so I wonder and worry and pepper God with questions, knowing that HE knows....but so far, He, ain't talking. I try and act coy, and see if He will budge, but he smiles and pats me softly and encourages me to the cusp of something new, something   bold, something that will once again be life changing.

I find myself, restless, continually begging Him to assuage my insecurity, to give me peace and let me feel Him with skin on. I search the scripture for words that will bring meaning and hope.

I'm living in God's territory.

The place of stepping out, placing one foot in front of the other, trusting that God has this handled, and He wont let me down.
The place of surrendering my plans for His, taking up my cross and following, listening for His voice to coach me along the road that currently seems unclear.

God's territory.

Interestingly enough, I'm not walking it alone. Im walking it with friends who are making a huge decision that will alter their family. God's territory.

Im walking it with a dear one, who is taking one step in front of the other towards God, waiting for Him to intervene on her behalf, in a broken situation. God's territory.

I walking it with a sister who is watching age steal her once strong self sufficient father away. God's territory.

Im walking it with a couple who feel Gods call to another place and are awaiting God's confirmation by giving job opportunities.

Im walking it with cousins, and siblings and friends and loved ones, who don't really know what the next step will be, other than that they will wait on God for his plan, His will, and His timing.

God's territory.

Living in the tension of it, as our minds and souls struggle through it. Learning to live in the tension of it, it becoming second nature for us, as we understand that we aren't a body with a soul, but rather a soul with a body.

Living in God's territory.

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