Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Just to Clarify

Just to clarify.

For a while now, I’ve been getting comments about what I do or how I live, as something ‘only a strong woman’ could do……..or “you are so strong.”  “I could never do what you do.” 

Just to clarify, I do very little in my own strength. If I do anything, it is with the strength of Christ.
 I am not a strong woman, I am a woman of strength
….the strength that comes from God, and not me. But,

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Just to clarify……

Our journey has been a long one. I didn’t just one day, decide to obey the call…..to the ends of the earth. I spent many years, not listening…..whether it be from simple rebellion, or a fear of rejection from the One. I was not close to Him. 
And so, he took his time and wooed me. Years of wooing. And small steps, He would ask of me.
He would ensure that I was taken care of, by Him and his people……He even sent me flowers once. Yeah. He’s good like that.  And when I doubted, He showed up. And when I was scared, He walked me through....I was still scared, but I wasn't walking alone.

It doesn’t mean that it has been easy. It isn’t. Dying to self never is, and as I’ve said before, every step you take closer to the Father, is one step away from you own will…..and it hurts.

What I like most about Him, as I’ve learned who He is, is that He created us and understands that we are all different and learn differently.  He is gentle with me, I recognize His voice now.
He knows my past reactions are to run and hide, or take cover……and so His approach is gentle, affirming and soft.

My sheep hear my voice, recognize it, and follow me.

He has proven His love to me. As if dying for me wasn't enough, He went farther....did more. He became my first love. And He reminds of that frequently. 

"Don't forget your first love".........He whispers. 

I’ve learned to trust that voice, to trust His hand. Even these days, when future is unknown, I take comfort in the fact that He’s got this. I only have to admit that I am powerless on my own.

Because I am not a strong woman, but a woman of strength.

Just to clarify.

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