Thursday, October 13, 2016

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

It's Wednesday 6:10 pm.

Just finished folding laundry. I still haven't gotten it perfected yet. I add one thing, and it makes everything fuzzy or lint ridden.  It also takes longer now to dry.....change of season I guess.

My feet are up (but covered in shoes because this puppy thinks that they are fun to bite and no yelling 'leave it' is helping. I need to go get some dog cookies, but I am tired and they are on the dining room table. She has also grown enough to jump, rather confidently from the sofa to the coffee table.....which use to be my safe zone.

She has now jumped onto my chest. She likes to perch there when she is done playing...which isn't great when I'm trying to write or watch something on the computer.

I have Selah playing in the back ground. The Timeless Collection.

Today was an interesting day for us. We were able to make progress on the AC (non-government organization.) We are one step closer. Again, I am convinced that it's who you know.

Then we made a trip across town, to see another friend. A pastor who runs a rehab. You see, we have this 'friend'.........we will call him B.

Needless to say, we need the help of a rehab. Lets hope B will say yes, because it's voluntary.
So, we went to check the place talk to my friend, the pastor. I love how we are friends...through a connection in Saskatoon. We have friends in common. Here, that makes us friends.

So the three of us stood, in a dirt parking lot.......talking.
We ended in prayer.
Unified by Christ.
Prayer for the B who needs help.
Prayer for God to intervene where we can't.
Prayer for a miracle.

Some days this life seems so lost. So many people who need Jesus, or who've met Jesus, but have decided it's easier to live the old life. It's true, it is.

So, what has made the difference for me? For Lorena? For the Pastor and Pastora? For my friends in Canada, and in Cambodia.......
I am only who I am, because God recklessly pursued me. Like unabashedly, in a stalking sort of way. (It's how I know He really likes me)  And even then, some days, it seems too hard.
I guess the relationship I have with worth the fight. I am thankful for the intimacy I have with Him. I don't know how to describe it to people. It's like we are joined at the hip....the way my friends Glen and Jackie are...(and yes we sometimes tease them)  But He always seems to have my back. Yes, some days I feel alone. I need Him with skin on. But He is....always there.

My phone dings and I receive a response to a prayer request I sent earlier today.  The response agrees to pray and shares the excitement of the possible move of God in B's life. The wish to be here in share in the amazing plan of God.

And I chuckle. Because I lost the amazing part of it all......the extraordinary, in the ordinary. In the hanging clothes on the the dusting my car interior with Olive Oil Pam, cuz it's easier to the changing shirts to wash dishes, because enough of them have been wrecked by the  bleach in the dish water.

The Ordinary of my life here.

The Move of God. The healing love of God....the Hope. The Extraordinary of my life here.

Mixed and intermingled. Just living with God.

In Mexico.

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