Sunday, July 10, 2016

When God closes a Door, He Opens A Dodge Caravan Door

It is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle, than to be a Canadian buying a vehicle in Mexico.
And yet, God does the un-doable.

Its been a few weeks of trying to figure out a way of getting a vehicle here, and finally about a week ago, I got the go word and we figured out a plan.

Now that being said, it is still difficult. Things about importing American cars, and imported cars are more expensive and I can't buy and license an American car, because I'm Canadian....anyway, now we were looking to in hand.

Two weeks ago, I started doing my research, what would be the best thing to have here....and I came to two vehicles....a Dodge Caravan or a Ford SUV.

(I really wanted the SUV) And luckily enough last week, we found one, only it needed some work done. The seller told us every day that it would be completed in a day or two, which took us up to yesterday. Still no vehicle. My friend Lorena and I were at the dealership waiting....parked outside the dealership waiting.......they kept pushing back the hour.

At 5pm, we were standing in the office while the man was on the phone about the Ford Escape. (I was excited about this)

"Listen, Lorena, what's the deal? People are praying, my whole extended family is at a gathering, praying for this car."

"Well," she said, "We haven't prayed together yet."

And with that we stepped outside the office, and prayed, for God's will, His timing and His confirmation.

And we got our answer. They hadn't even started the work on the car I was waiting for.

We got back in the car. My spirit was restless, not hopeless. We discussed going to see another vehicle, that I knew would be too expensive.......And then Lorena turned the corner.

Sitting in front of us, was a Dodge Caravan. (Lord Jesus, I really don't want a mini-van...I'm not a mom.) Hanging from the mirror...a small wooden cross.

We pulled over and began talking with the owner. He had purchased this vehicle for his family. He treated this van like family. He loved this van. Brand new tires. Amazing upkeep. His pride and joy. Well, after taking it for a drive, I was pretty convinced that this was the 'one'. (Did I mention that I didn't want a mini-van?)

We got our mechanic to check it out. He recommended this buy. We then sat in the mini van, while the man recalled stories of his family in the van.
We went into the house and sat with this man and his wife, and visited as we did the paperwork. We shared our hearts, and teased him about his true love, the van. A hug and a cheek kiss and we were on our way. (I've never hugged anyone I've purchased a car from, before)

I may not have wanted a mini-van, but I can see God's hand. God wanted a mini-van. We discussed it on the way home, God and I. I relented, and He softened my heart. I knew it was His best for me.
And so we drove home, God and I,  blaring the  90's pop music, with the windows open and the wind in our hair.
Me and God, in our mom van.
May it be filled with young women of God.


  1. God is soooo good and so faithful..

  2. Hi Robyn, it was a privilege and great joy to pray for you with all of our extended family this past weekend. We serve a great and loving God...Amen!
    Ruth (Thiessen) Callender

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