Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hey You!!!......You NEED to Read This!!!

I've been trying to figure out how to write to say what I'm gonna say. Trying to figure out my target audience, trying to choose my words or my word pictures carefully.

I had a conversation this week about the Bible, and it's contents. Are some of the stories real or are they just parables to show us the character of God. (You know who you are and we still love each other)

Personally I believe that you can only know someones character by their actions. You know? I mean I can say that I am trying to lose weight, but in eating 7 donuts in a actions cancel out my words.....that was just an example, by the way.....I didn't eat 7 donuts.

I still believe in a God of Miracles. I believe in a personal God. I believe, my friends, that if you let Him, if you trust Him in it, He will get it done for you.

And let me clarify....that I am not a super christian....I'm just a girlie, who needs the help.

And with this in mind, let me share with you something that happened to me last week.

As I have been preparing to go to Mexico for a term, I have been praying about some documentation that I was wanting. It basically is a prescreen that allows me to go in and out of the USA, bypassing lines and wait times.
The average person waits after the initial document submission approximately 4-6 weeks. After you get conditionally approved, it takes another several weeks, if not months, depending on where you live to schedule and go to an interview. I was near an interview port last week.....and looking online, their next available interview opening was on June 6th.

A lot of you know my relationship with God is a close, we argue (okay I argue), we fight (ok, I fight), we discuss and dialogue and talk and listen (Okay He mostly listens, but I try)

About 3 weeks ago, I applied for this documentation. I was nervous to do so, as I live no where near a port or border town. I was thinking that this would take forever.
And then I said the words......"Okay, God, I'm gonna let you deal with this. If you think I need this card, or it would be good for me to get, it's your deal. I'm going to choose not to stress over it. (I lied a little there, I did stress over it, but I kept reminding myself to smarten up)

 Last week, I had the privilege of a quick trip to Ontario, the place of ports and border towns. Okay Lord, let's see what you can do.

The first morning I woke up in Ontario, I checked the status on my application.......approved pending interview!! Wow, that you or a fluke?
I started looking online for an interview time, and like I said, the places that I could go.....were booking into June. Huh. Okay, maybe a fluke.

Later that day we drove to Sarnia (a border town). We got to our destination, aka Donna's house, and I told her about my dilemma. Here I sit in Sarnia, and can't get an interview booking until June.

She told me that she knew someone who worked at customs and she quickly messaged him for information. His response was to give me a phone number to call, but it wasn't likely that I would get what I needed. And he was right......I called, I was politely blown off, and I continued on with my day.

A little while later, Donna's friend messaged and asked how it went, and we confirmed the blow off. A few minutes later, he called with instructions.
"Be at this office tomorrow before 10:30am, and ask for Supervisor *******. You will get an interview."

Wow.....okay Lord......this must be you....right?

That evening I was nervous about my interview. I've heard that these things can take up to two hours. I kept handing it back to the Lord.......wondering what would come of everything.

The next morning by 9:30 am, I stood bright and shiny with my happy, grateful, inquisitive face front of a customs employee. (Just a note....she wasn't bright and shiny and happy)

I asked for who I was to ask for.....and saw the two employees talking about me....I may have actually noticed a sneer. My customs agent came back and continually rebuked me.....about how this isn't normal....'we don't normally do this'.....'this is highly irregular'......
I very quickly changed my happy shiny face to my humble and grateful face......and the only words to come out of my mouth with each question she asked....'yes ma'am.'

In my mind, I was wondering....if this was just at the front desk, I can only imagine what the interview would be like........I possibly should have taken some imodium before I had come.

She finally responded by telling me that my card would be received in 7-10 business days.
At first I didn't understand.......when was my interview......when would I have to face the firing squad and survive to deserve the card......

But she sent me on my way, said that I was done.

HUH? What? Something that takes months......I got in 3 weeks? An hour long interview took 5 minutes at a front desk?

Fluke? I think not. God? Most definitely.

Why am I sharing this story? Why does this matter to you? Because, He is the same God that you have...or could have. He doesn't play favourites.....He doesn't love me more than He loves you.

He is the same God of the Bible....the same God who parted the Red Sea......and put a guy in a belly of a whale......who sent the flood....and the rainbow.

He's the same God who sent His son to die for you and me....and raised Him back to life.

He's the same God who got me my papers and got you your..........

He wants what's best for you. Give Him a shot.

He's that guy.

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