Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Well......here goes nothing....

Internet official.

Fourteen months ago, I came back to Canada because of health reasons.....my back....and It has been a long year. 

It has been a year of physical pain. It has been a year of emotional pain. It has been a year of questioning my future, a year of losing confidence in myself. 
It has been a time of reflection, of growth and of deciding how hard I'm willing to fight to get better.

And healing is coming; it is a welcome gift. My initial surgery in March was a success in certain areas, but I knew that the outcome could still be chronic pain. And for several months post surgery, I lived in pain. 

And I prayed, and prayed. My heart was broken. Was this my life? 

And one day, I was listening to a song, (which coincidentally is playing in my earbuds right now) And this made the difference for me.

"But when I hear you whisper, 'Child, lift up your head.' I remember Oh God, your not done with me yet. I am redeemed."

And I started the journey to living a whole hearted life. Not just my body, but also my soul. I understand that perfection is only a requirement I have placed upon myself. As I pushed myself physically, God challenged my way of thinking......well, He's still working on that. 

'Lord, I'm ready now.'

'Maybe you and I were never meant to be complete, could we just be broken together.' 

And I'm so thankful for my continued healing....both in my body and in my soul. 

And so the next chapter begins. 

In the next few months, pending my missionary support needs being met, I will be moving. 

To Mexico.

The land of tacos and chihuahuas. 

The land where society says that  it's okay to have sex with girls. The United Nation states that the age of consent for sex in Mexico is 12 years of age. How is this happening??!

Mexico: The land of drug cartels and sex trafficking. 

I will be working with Not4Sale. Our goal is to  facilitate the launch and management of a safe house, rescuing and restoring young women caught in sexual exploitation. My role will be to develop and manage the rescue facility.

Recently my dear friend and I went to Mexico to check out the area. We were able to meet a lot of people, go to a great church...and eat churros. 

I am excited to go. I am blessed to be able to work with amazing people. I am delighted as Mexican is my favourite food. 

What an incredible opportunity that has been placed before me.....to make a difference....to hang out with teens again...(my peer group...or so I keep telling myself)

I feel as though Cambodia was the training grounds for this endeavour. I look back to the past 12 years of my careers and see God's hand, preparing me for this. 

So...if you would like to partner with me in this new undertaking financially, I would be so grateful....so blessed. There is a page on this site as to how to financially support me, or please message me for a support letter. 

I'm so overwhelmed. God's not done with me yet.....HOORAY!!!!

My calling.....is to follow Him, no matter the cost, I'm eager to get back at it. 

My cup runneth over. 

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