Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Zombie Apocalypse...........Crappy Sandals, Part 2

Got your attention, didn't I?

In continuing with yesterday's theme.....the blog I was intending to write last night, before I went off on a tangent; I am still hanging around, outside the tomb of Lazarus, who is still dead.
Everybody's crying, nobody's happy and its a real Debbie downer kinda day. 

Most of you know that 2 years ago I was working in Cambodia against the sex trade and human trafficking. It was one of the most difficult jobs I have ever had. (with the exception of working at KFC....but that doesn't really count, cuz I didn't pass my probation)

When people would ask me what it is like to work in that  particular ministry (not chicken), my reply would be this:

"It's kinda like ripping your heart out of your body, grating in against a cheese grater, putting it in a leaky dollar store ziplock bag, and try to walk around with people not noticing".....like the trail of blood behind you doesn't give you away. 

I am a wordsmith, I know. 

And for what it's worth, I'm not a sugar-coating kind of gal. Others may soften their stories, or leave the really bad ones out. Not me. No way. There is no reason, that we as a resource rich society, should be kept in the dark about the depravity and darkness that much of this world lives in. 
Nowhere in the Bible do I see verses that say, "Only tell other believers some of the bad stuff, because you don't want to offend anyone. 
It does say however, to bear one another's burdens. (Galatians 6, Romans 15)

Working against the sex trade is messy. Working against human trafficking is dirty, and smelly.......not the brief unpleasant smell that goes away, But the kind of odour that permeates everything you have. A smell that makes you heave with every breath. The smell of death, of decay. 
There are some days, when you can only steel yourself, breathe through your mouth and hold on for dear life. 
Why? Because the Master asked you to.

Getting back to our story.
Lazarus is dead. He's been dead for four days. The Bible states that his body is decomposing, and well........he smells. Smells of decay. The stench of death. 

And my weepy Jesus speaks authority once again, "Lazarus, come out."
And out he comes. 
Now....this is the part that stuck in my throat. Jesus tells the people around him to 'remove his grave clothes,' some versions say, 'unbind him.'

And, I think, someone's got to do it. Remember, these are pre-embalming days....there is probably decaying flesh stuck to the fabric. Bodily fluids that released after death. Possibly blood or urine or waste. 
But, the job needs to be done. And someone needs to do it.  

Kinda like some places we find ourselves, in this world of darkness. Countries that worship false gods. Cities where abuse against women and children is a normal daily occurrence. Communities that struggle through generational alcoholism and drug abuse. Places that are Satan's strongholds. Someone needs to be willing to go in....and do the job. 

And it's complicated. And it is rancid. And it is defiled.

And sometimes, it hurts. 

But....the good news? 
God's going to to the resurrecting, all you  have to do is help them change their clothes. 

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  1. well said Robyn- unbinding those graveclothes is definitely not easy, but once we do rid ourselves of the stench (strongholds) christ is able to raise us up to freedom and life once again. Thank you for your thoughts and reminder of who God is and how He can give us that inner strength to move on.


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