Tuesday, April 28, 2015

From White to Green.

Its a beautiful day today. Snow melting, and if you so choose, you can wear flips. (Just watch out for drifts)

Its a delicate balance, snow and flips. Most people wouldn't understand the need to free ones toes after a long cold winter, but in the north, it is instinctive for some, I think.

I've been pondering a lot lately. Thinking about my time here in Saskatoon, pre and post surgery, a recovery that is more challenging that I ever imagined. Weight gain and muscle atrophy from 3 months laying in bed.
Now relearning how to hold in my abdomen, tighten my core, even ride a pool noodle bicycle in my seniors aqua fitness class. (Oh, I bet that painted a picture for you)
I've pondered all the places in the Word that talk about running the race....throwing off anything that hinders, running with perseverance, running the race, fighting the good fight...and so on. And currently, I can barely walk through Walmart without needing a nap.

Its been almost 6 months, since that day, when I had 24 hours to get home from Bangkok, as per doctor's orders. Its been almost half a year since I have been active, working, helping, serving, writing reports, spending time with staff, directing, managing.

Lord, why? I know that you want me to be replenished.....to be restored, to be stronger than before. You've whispered that to me often enough. But such a long time, with no real end date of this recovery.........really, Lord?

And then this morning, I went outside.

 Last week, the ground was brown. People were complaining about needing rain. I heard it everywhere I went. Old people, young people...tired of the brown, wanting the green.

And then, it started snowing.
 Oh the complaints.....oh the whining that went on....."it's April 25, and there's snow!" And oh, did it snow. Last I heard, it was over 12 inches.
Trees came down because of the weight. Power lines came down because of the heaviness.

This morning, the snow is melting, and the brown has been replaced by green. Beautiful green.
Flowers are standing straight and proud, proving that the snow was not something to kill them, but indeed, made them stronger.

And again I ponder. Why my life took this turn, I do not know. But I will trust in the One who brought the white, so we could see the green.
 And like the flowers.....I will continue to reach toward the sky, knowing from where my strength will come.


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