Thursday, April 17, 2014

I hate Christmas...but Easter is Coming

It's 12:10 am, Cambodia time....and is Good Friday. I've been so busy this week, it's totally been off my radar.
And so, here I am, contemplating. Thinking of Easter's gone by. Thinking of how last Easter, Cambodia wasn't even a passing, it's a reality.
Easter has always been my favorite. I realized tonight, in my busyness, that the excitement of Thursday night, leading to the Good Friday Service was missing. Tomorrow, there will be no service for me. I have 9 house guests to care for. It makes me a bit weepy.
Sitting back home,  in the darkened sanctuary, hearing the readings, singing the songs of mourning and sacrifice.
This year has been a year of sacrifice for me....and yet, nothing compares to the sacrifice celebrated in this season. I will be forever in His grace, and obedient to the calling.
These months have been an adjustment for us, the Lord and I. Like any couple moving to a new environment, a new culture, we've had our 'moments' say the least.
And yet tonight...His love overwhelms me. And tonight, I am in need of overwhelming love. And there He is.
It's Friday, but Sunday is coming.
I remember a few years family was busy, and so, for Easter dinner, I picked up butter chicken and headed out to my father's grave....much to his dismay, I'm sure....but I probably already ticked him off, when I named a Chihuahua after him....Now, he didn't rise from the grave...for which I'm thankful...I'd of been a bit freaked out. But it gave me opportunity to look at my legacy.....and what I have come to understand as generational obedience. Something that I am very thankful for.
I will miss Sunday morning worship at my home. I will definitely miss Easter creme eggs.
Last night I was out with a friend, and as it got later, we saw more and more young Cambodian girls, with old white (yucky) men. (sorry still working on the judgmental part)
These people live their lives, like Friday never happened.......and Sunday is not coming. And it makes me want to yell.......
It's you know what that means? Freedom from slavery....freedom from this life....someone died, so you can live!!!! Buddha did not!!! Jesus did.

So with value, live with wholeness, live without selling yourself...because it's Friday......BUT SUNDAY IS COMING!!!

On you Cambodians wake up in the Kingdom of Cambodia...please know......That the KING IS COMING!!!

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  1. How old were you when your Dad died? I was 27, my Dad was 52. I hope and pray that I'll someday see him again.


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