Friday, January 17, 2014

What does Paradise look like Anyway?

Some days, I do believe that I give the impression that I live in paradise. Is that my reality? Not sure.
A few minutes ago, I was swinging in my hammock in the yard, near the mango tree....looking at the back of the yard, where the banana trees live. I was listening to music on my I phone while in the background I could hear any manner of birds, chirping and cajoling each other. My puppy, was playing in the yard....eating something that she shouldn't be, entertaining herself, (which to me is paradise...because she is a bit needy).

And as I lay in my hammock, the breeze gently swaying me.....I couldn't help but cry. Silent tears rolled down my face and cheeks as I pondered.

As I listened to music reminding me of God's love, grace and faithfulness, I couldn't help but think of the young girl who asked to borrow money so she could buy food for the Buddha.

I lay there, and I was taken back to a conversation that I was a part of just a few hours before.
The day started off well, I got to encourage a girl, and empower her to make a new life. She has a job training interview next week. We celebrated, and coached her. We gave her advice, and laughed and hugged.
The next conversation was not so easy. Only 14 years old, she sat before us. I'm guessing that she new something was up....but it was anybody's guess. As she sat there, we had to let her know, that because of her diagnosis, she would not be able to pursue her dream career. The career her mother dreamed of for her, the thing she thought would make her complete.

Because of the ignorance of adults during her infancy, she was given an eventual death sentence....and if that isn't bad enough, it will also effect any job she wants to get, any future relationship that she wants to be reality.....any future.

And so, we try to empower, but set so many limitations that empowerment is not the accurate word. Heart break is.

As I lay in my hammock, the song played.....Come, however you are. And I pleaded with the Lord...."call her out, change her life, make her her where she is at."
Let her come....with her sickness.....let her come...with her spitfire attitude......let her come...with her broken heart.......let her come.

Would you pray with me....that she will come....however she is?

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  1. That is so heartbreaking. The last few years - and too many deaths - have taught me that life just can't be about 'being happy' or 'pursuing your dreams' on this earth - it just can't be. So many people never get that chance. It must be about something greater - something beyond. There is no other explanation to me.


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