Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Like the Southern Gospel song.....The King Is Coming.

It's New Year's Eve, in Cambodia.
One year ago, on New Year's Eve, I was probably thinking about losing weight, or continuing with my exercise routine.
One year ago, today, the mere thought of me moving to this foreign country over 12 000 kms from my home, was ludicrous. Inconceivable. (can you hear the guy with the lisp from the Princess bride, saying that?)
And yet, here I sit, in my bedroom, with a teething puppy, in a land I had never even imagined.
God is like that. Take the unfathomable, and make it reality.
My journey here has just begun, and the honesty of the situation is....it has not been an easy transition. Some days, I long for a simple cup of coffee. I long for the knowing and confidence in my job...that comes from years of work.  Some days I long for my family, and my home puppy. My friends, my routine, my church, my comfort.
Some days I long for a body that doesn't react so harshly to stress, especially in a third world where I am not afforded the luxury of an accessible bathroom wherever I go. Sorry, but that is the truth.
I remember the Friday, that Jackie, Emily and I left for Edmonton...to leave for Cambodia. I begged, and cried and sobbed. "Turn around," I pleaded, "I can't do this." And yet, here I am. And I have survived. I wonder, what would have happened if Emily was driving. That Jackie can be mean.

Please don't think that this is a terrible place. It is incredible....well...I am noticing that December the mosquitoes are quite bad. Can you believe I even just said that? Sorry Saskatoon. I have a beautiful life here, and God is continuing to bless me here.

Tonight my friend and I went out for dinner. Afterwards, we wandered around the night markets, getting overcharged for things, because we are white.
And then I saw him.
A white man, probably between 50-65. Not very attractive, but then again, I prefer younger men. And there on his arm, was a very young Cambodian woman. Her makeup and hair were perfectly done. Her skirt was the size of some of my belts, you get the picture. Her top was small and there she was, walking along side him.
He led her through the market, with a chest puffed out with pride at the young beauty beside him. Her face? There was no love there, only duty. Probably needed to get money to help her family, or desperate for work and the ability to take care of herself in this poor, poor country.
And in that moment, I knew.
And in that moment, the reason I am here, was made clear.
The only arm that she needs to be on, is the arm of Jesus. There is only One that should be leading her...and again....it is the King of Kings...

And so, let's see what 2014 brings, shall we? Let's see what the King will do...in Cambodia.

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