Sunday, November 24, 2013

This Backwards Life

It's Sunday evening. I am sitting in front of my computer, eating rice and banana's.
I just got home from church, I think I will make this my church at least  for a while....its an international one. Today there was a YWAM'er from Warman. Bless her heart.
And...this church felt like home. Which made me feel pretty good, but also made me long for my home and my church...and my dog.
This weekend has been a hard go for me. Homesickness settled in my heart on Friday night. I longed to be back old life. And yet...this is my new new home.
I believe that I am doing well at trying to settle in to a normal routine here....spending time with Patrick and Sharon....meeting new people...becoming friends. Spending time at the House with the girls....playing Uno....teaching fetal development. Learning my far I have my colors and fruits memorized...tonight I will work on vegetables.
When I look around this place....and I think about likes and dislikes......the reality is.....the Lord picked a pretty good place for me to live....well....except for all the fish.
I mean, this is the land of cheap shoes and shiny things....and if you know me....that's what I love. I love no snow...and humidity....singing here is need for Fisherman's Friends here.
I challenge myself...yesterday I navigated the city by myself for the first time.....and I did well....I keep pushing myself to learn the language. To study kids books with my black marker'ed Khmer words written inside.
The Lord has also given me a grace to which I do not have on my own....the mouse that ran past me in a restaurant didn't phase me....the gecko that I came nose to nose with yesterday while locking the fence, didn't freak me out. The fact that little ants are everywhere...all the time....on the counter, in my cup...on my plate,toothbrush, water bottle....I just push them off and carry on. I know there is a gecko right now in my yoga mat...and I'm okay.  (an ant just crawled across my computer screen...see what I mean?)
Somethings I don't understand.....why I can get a manicure or pedicure for $5 but Ben and Jerry's is $17....that I can get a meal at a restaurant for $3.75, but to purchase the same items at a store would cost so much more to make the same meal. It seems that the value of people is less than the value of ice cream.
A pair of shoes that I bought here are a name brand they were $12...I looked up the same pair on the internet....$111. How is that even right?

Yesterday when I got my mani- pedi for my birthday.....the girls around me kept looking at my hands and feet and talking about me...I finally asked the manager what they were saying.....they were talking about how incredible my skin milky white....I told them, I would give anything to be a bit darker like them....they thought I was crazy.....and ...well...I think they are too.

I have no godly way to finish this blog...I think today, I'm just ramblin......Most of you are waking up now...or will be soon...with the exception of Lori and her inability to sleep.....she's already been texting me this morning.
I am off to bed in a while...and today my church will have a big party....and celebrate a football team.....let's pretend I'm even wearing green today for you.

I hope you are all well.


  1. Another way of God confirming that you are in the right place is to make you not sweat the "small" stuff. God is good. It is great to be able to follow you in your journey.

  2. I'd say you are "processing" not simply rambling about your new life...:)


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