Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Whole New World

As I sit here, it's about 10:40 am. Friday. the hair on the nape of my neck is damp and curling. I've already sweated off any make up I have tried to wear.
A whole new world.
The sights and sounds of this place are crazier than I imagined. The smells are different. Instead of a chihuahua in my bed, I have a gecko on my wall. The puppies across the street are most likely being raised for meat. They are cute, obedient little guys. maybe scared of me, cuz I'm white.
I am so blessed to have the two others here, Patrick and Sharon. Both Canadian. They have been ever so gentle with me....helping me adjust, teaching me words.....bartering for me....
Yesterday I went to the centre, and met the girls. They seem so enthusiastic, playing volleyball, jumping and screaming and young girls should. It is difficult to imagine what their lives were like, before the rescue.
They seem resilient though. This morning I joined them for devotion time. For girls who have only been Christians for a week or so, they are doing well with their chorus'. Today, they were learning about Esther. A woman chosen by God....for a greater purpose, because God uses women.

Thing's I have learned while here.
Food is cheap. You think you will lose weight, you will not.
So many tourists here....
There are rules to the road....NO ONE uses them...not even stop lights. If someone is in your lane, and you want to go faster, pass them, even in oncoming traffic. If your vehicle is bigger, then you win! My favorite part of yesterday....when Sharon went the wrong way in a round about. Best driving ever!!

In the distance, I can hear weird music one of those metal mouth thingy's that people not a harmonica...the other weird thing. I think Randy used to have one.

You take your shoes off outside every house, and church.
Clothes are cheap, Hairdryers and TV's are expensive.
Cows are skinny....

We all look the same to them. (Now that's a table turner, hey?)
I have learned a few phrases so far. How to tell TukTuk drivers that I have a car, How to say bathroom; thank you and yes.

If last year, you voted against the corrupt political party, this year, you didn't get to vote.
It takes three cable guys to hook up the cable in my room.

The average wage is $87 a month. These are a poor people who are just trying to survive.
God is here. is Buddha.  God is better, He wins.

Yesterday, I was sitting under the grass roof  hut at the centre...the outdoor school where the girls learn english. It was just the three of us sitting there....Patrick, Sharon and I .
I was wondering what the Lord had in store for me....when Patrick pointed out a rainbow. It hadn't rained....and yet there in the sky....God's promise....that whatever He had in store for me.....I wouldn't drown. I wouldn't go under.

In...a whole new world.


  1. ...and when the water begins to creep up to your ankle and like Peter you succumb to fear, Jesus will be there to pull you out of the raging sea or part it and make a dry path before you.... Blessings as you begin living in your new world.

  2. Lovely. I know you still have some trepidation over this move, but I pray it will all crystallize for you soon. How touching about the people and their low wages and intimidation by the government. And how funny about the driving! Rely on God; lean on Him and you will be safe and well-cared for.


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