Saturday, November 17, 2012

His Eye is on the Sparrow....And My Butt

I've been on a weight loss journey these past few weeks....and decided that when I got to -20lbs, I would get to buy some new jeans.
Well this week was difficult...and I couldn't seem to lose the 2lbs to get me to my 20 mark, so this morning, when I woke up at -19lbs, I decided it was good enough.
I was going jean shopping. Now when I say that, I actually mean,  pack up some of my now too big jeans, and go to our local trendy second hand store, to see if I can do trade-sies.....

I weighed myself and then crawled back into bed....conversing with God as I do...because, lets face it....I only have Him and Ruby to talk to in the mornings...and realistically after she sticks her tongue in my nose for my morning kiss...she goes back to sleep...and doesn't listen.
As I was saying...we were talking this morning...and I said to him...."Hey, wouldn't it be cool if I could find a pair of Gap Long and Leans? I love those." Now, let's be honest...I was hoping he would take the hint....I struggle to pay for $90 jeans, and wont do it....but well....I love'em.
Eventually, I got on with my day....and ended my morning at the second hand store. I waded through the rows of clothing, going jean by jean...until....I found them; Gap, long and leans. I had no clue as to what size I I took them along with like 24 other pairs to try...and wouldn't you know it...they fit like they were made for me. Thank you God for my jeans.
It gets better, the clothes I brought in for trade, paid for two pairs of jeans and a sweater....and so now I also own a pair of Calvin Klein jeans.

Some of you may think I'm kooky to believe that God cares about something so mundane...but in His ever consistent wooing me...He knows I need to see Him with skin on...a lot....and so He shows gap jeans, in winter tires, in my every day life.

Thank you God....for my jeans.


  1. I love that you prayed for jeans. I have in the past, too. Also shoes, bags, and cute sweaters. Oh, and a coat. I'm oh so spiritual. ;)

  2. So - can I call you skinny Robyn now?

    Congrats BTW on learning to take everything to God - something some of us don't think to do even now.


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