Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Change Your World

As most of you know, I've been working with a Client from Morocco for some time now. I was there for the birth of her beautiful daughter, and I quickly became a fixture in the lives and home of her and her children.
It is common place for me to show up at her house, only to hear little voices yelling to their mom, while I stand at the door...."It's Auntie Robyn, it's Auntie Robyn!" ...said with the slightest of accents. And as the door opens, I am assaulted with hugs and kisses from the boys, and a  shy smile from the 6 year old girl.
I have fallen in love with this family...with this woman of strength, who continues day by day, looking to the future, for her children's sake.

I will be honest...when I started this journey with her, her story broke my heart, and I was willing to help her....more because it was my job than any other reason.
But...my heart softened, and Jesus changed what I saw....not only for this family, but also for this ministry. I am blessed.
That is not to say, that there are not challenging days. Today I spent 8 hours text counseling with a 15 year old....and also spent some time on the phone with another who's situation seems hopeless.
But yesterday, yesterday was a day I will never forget. Often, I think of myself in my little office, helping people in the cold little province (where malls aren't even open on Monday and Tuesday nights). I wonder sometimes, if I really make a difference....I doubt I can change the world from here.
And then the phone call came.
It was from Morocco. The mother of my client called to express her thanks. I found out later, that she googled all the things she wanted to say to me....the conversation went like this:
"Hello Robyn?" ....I replied yes....."This A*****'s mom. Thank you! thank you! thank you! I love you! I love you! I love you! "
She then asked if I spoke French, and I responded...a little...so she repeated herself in French.  I told her I loved her too....and she ended the conversation, " love you, bye.'
And that was it.
One call.....and....I guess I can change the world.


  1. Awww....so wonderful. You are a blessing!! And you wanna know a secret? You're changing MORE lives than you will ever know. You really are. :)

  2. What a gift, more specifically a gift of encouragement.

    May God continue to use you, and may he continue to surprise you with precious gifts of encouragement along the way.


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