Tuesday, October 09, 2012

That Same Guy......

It feels later than it is. I did a 12 hour shift today, which is fine, but it makes for a long day. A good day, but a long one.
I've pondering this week............that Guy, the Big One.

For the past several months, I've been planning my annual fundraiser, and the amalgamation of all my and several other peoples efforts came to fruition on Sept 28th.
The Wednesday before the fundraiser, I was writing my speech....my 'ask'....my 'beg' and as I set our goal, I felt a niggling in my senses...a lack of peace, if you will. The story of the three men in the fiery furnace kept replaying in my mind. Not that my fundraisers are like being burned, or anything bad like that...just that well.just like the guys in the hot seat.....they knew that there God was able...no matter what happened...and....I know that the God whom I serve is able. I'm not sure what He will do, but I know He is able.
And so with that in mind, I set a goal much higher than we have ever had before, $ 6000 higher than last year's net proceeds. I know my God is able.
And so that evening I donned my red dress and heels (apparently which I'm never allowed to wear again), we finished the evening and hoped for success. It was a good evening...people had fun...and God was present.
Our final count...more than $8500 over our goal, we more than doubled last year's proceeds. God really blew my mind.
This alone could be a great story of God's faithfulness, but I'm not done yet.
The week following the fundraiser, I found myself being spiritually attacked from every angle..especially in my places of vulnerability...singleness and childlessness. Everyday, things would happen and people would comment, and Satan himself would speak lies into my life....leaving me feeling worthless, devastated and scared for my future.
As I knelt in church this past Sunday, tears streaming down my face, I asked once again...what is this going to look like, me being alone...who will take care of me? And from the depths of my very soul the words echoed through my heart,
"Hey....remember how I blew your mind with the fundraiser? I'm that Guy...I'm that same Guy."
And so He is.....that same guy....my guy....and I won't be surprised when once again...He will blow my mind.


  1. Love it! The Lord has been blowing my mind with the story of Ruth and her extreme faith and trust in the Lord. She is a woman i admire and want to be like. She followed after God without knowing what was ahead for her. The blessed her above what she expected. God is that good. He does blow our minds!

  2. I meant to say "God blessed her..."

  3. Robyn, I am so moved by this entry. At the gala, I was so happy to be there to be able to help support not just your ministry, but YOU, and you were so open, honest and beautiful that I was just amazed. What a wonderful testimony to having God in your life you are. I, too, am blown away by the wondrous bounty God provides through people like YOU.

    While I am so glad to hear He answered your tearful questions, please know that you are loved and admired by many for the work you do and just through being who you are. An amazing woman who has struggled and has overcome with God's grace and help. Know, too, though, that the overcoming part always seems to take a lifetime!

    Keep your chin up, your red heels handy, and God will surprise you with what He has in store for you, wonderful amazing woman that you are.

  4. beautiful Robyn.

  5. Don't be afraid to ask the questions Robyn... listen for the answers... be comfortable with the silence... watch for the eyes of "that Guy" - thank you for sharing your soul's joy as well as your soul's longing.


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