Thursday, July 26, 2012

There's a Hole in my Stomach, Dear Liza, Dear Liza....

Your vacation should be filled with new adventures....and so not to disappoint...I too, have had some great experiences this trip.
As a lot of you know, I had to go to the hospital on Tuesday because of some trouble I was having. I've been receiving well wishes, emails and texts, and I want to thank you for your concern.
I've been feeling some pain in my stomach for the past few weeks....what I thought was heart burn, and so I took a Tums and tried to ignore.
On Tues, I was in Sarnia, at my dear friends home....enjoying my vacation, except for the increasing pain in my chest area. I tried to just deal with it, but eventually I started to wonder if it was my gall bladder. Lori and I were to return to Cambridge that afternoon, and so we set out. As the pain grew worse, we discussed the possibility of going to a hospital, but I kept suggesting that we continue on....let's just get home, was my thought. We passed London, and by that time, the pain was quite intense. So....when we were near Woodstock, I agreed to go, and we found the hospital.
I must say...a nice, new establishment, and I was quickly whisked away into a private room, where I was stripped down, iv'ed and monitored.
They administered morphine, which was an experience in itself....unbeknown to me....when I have it....I react.....I think I'm laughing...but I in fact, am crying. So Lori....rising to the occasion, was stroking my I sobbed uncontrollably. In my head, I was remembering the vision of her trying on Spanx the day before...and my laughing/crying increased significantly.
Blood was taken...which is no easy feat when it comes to my veins....'its easier to get blood from a stone' was said by the first person who tried to get blood from me.
Eventually, tests came back....and my gall bladder was clear. Deductions were made, and the truth was ulcer.
The doctor questioned me about my recent activities...increased alcohol consumption, spicy foods, acidic food...and Advil. I said Yes to all of the above.
She questioned my increased alcohol intake....and I confessed my 1.5 drinks consumed in the past two days. She asked how that was an increase, and I shared my general lack of partaking. I know, I know, call me a liquor pig.
She sent me on my way with a prescription, a warning of what to avoid, and a promise to see my doctor upon my return to home.
And so, I learn to live with this owie. I learn to manage myself differently, and I am thankful...that my gall bladder was not the culprit and I am not having surgery 3000 kms from home.
AND the story....I am a matter of fact, on my way to Ikea shortly.....two more weeks of resting and not worrying....or so I tell myself.

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  1. Hope you're fully OK now Robyn.

    That was eerie, with your travels making it sound as though less than a month ago you were no more than 10 miles from where we live and in the same town Chris works. I wish that people would strictly apply the word New to places like Cambridge, London, Woodstock etc when they've borrowed them.



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