Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Life after Death......

I sat across from a client today....she is struggling to remain sane in this time of insanity. She has three children and is pregnant with her 4th. They were very excited about this baby....a girl...who is due in early September. Her husband decided to return to his homeland for a visit before the baby came. And so he left for Africa.

While in his home country there was much unrest, and in the midst of it, he was shot in the head. For a while he was on life support...in her broken English she shared with me that his heart still beats, but his head does not work.
Today she called...with news....he is dead. She came in this afternoon for counseling... for what I thought would be the beginnings of an adoption process as she led me to believe previously.
But with this current loss...she cannot bear to lose another. She has decided to keep this girl, this last piece of her husband. This baby's life on earth will begin...after the death of her father.
My client's future is uncertain, but with inner strength, she thanked God for her provision so far. She has no support system for herself, and so that is what we...at the Centre have become. I will be going into the operating room with her, and we will be looking for someone to help her with her children immediately after her c-section.
But...she is in need...she needs an infant car seat, a booster seat for her toddler and a stroller for two.
I don't want to make this a place where I beg for things....but....hey, why not. We are called to make a difference in the lives of those around us. We are called to see, with love those in need...whatever you do for the least of these.....
And so, if you find it in your heart, and would like to donate any of the items above, please message me or call the office.....306 665 7550.

She has given me permission to share her story.
Thanks for reading.



  1. and how could i make a $ donation?

  2. If you would like...you could get her a gift card for walmart or superstore. She would be so happy!

  3. I have an infant bucket seat, it is 5 years old but is the same kind I am currently using for my own daughter, let me know if you want it. It is in very good shape.

  4. I have a graco duo glider she can have

  5. I have a graco duo glider she can have


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