Thursday, July 05, 2012

Life After Death - An Update

I've tried  at least three times, to start this blog today....and yet...something always interrupts. Crisis', appointments, computer crashes.....You'd think because I work at a crisis centre, I'd be used to it. Apparently not.

When I posted the blog Life After Death, I did not expect such a response. I mean, I know I have a few readers, but this has been an overwhelming experience. I am deeply touched, not only by your generosity, but by the fact, that for this brief moment, I got to share with you....things, and situations that I see on a regular basis....maybe not the exact same story, but the same despair, the same hurt and you for journeying along side of me in this time.

I spoke with my client yesterday....I told her of some of the things that were coming in for first she didn't understand, but I repeated myself...and she was overcome with emotion.
She told me how that very day, she had been at the stores, pricing out some of her needs, and she just didn't know where the money would come from.

By the time Tuesday ended, I had a new car seat for her, a stroller on the way, and a promise of a booster. Since that time, we have been overwhelmed, with calls emails and messages. Thank you. Meals are being planned for when the baby comes, and even the offer to babysit. Again, thank you.

We are so grateful for how you are caring for this dear woman and her family. God is good...which is what she said to me on the phone yesterday, when I shared with her, how people want to help her because they love God and believe that God has a plan for her.

I have also had a few calls, wanting to meet her and know her name. With the utmost respect, I have declined these questions and invitations for her at this time. In a spirit of safety, I would ask that you, if you choose to give, give with the understanding that we (her and I) have chosen her to be anonymous....

I would ask that you pray for her, pray for hope is to share Jesus with her....and with your generosity, this will be much easier....You do what you have done...because Jesus did what He did...and that I can tell her.

Many of you have asked if you can send or give gift cards, yes that would be great.
You can send them to the centre, to the Attention of 'Hope'...I think that's a great name for her.

Our address is:
Saskatoon Pregnancy Options Centre
23-1006 8th St E.
Saskatoon, Sk. S7H 0S1

Thank you so much, and really truly, God bless you and your generous heart.

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  1. Thankyou for sharing Robyn - words can not express the joy I have and you expressed in witnessing the care and concern our women have for you and those you serve. This is spiritual and practical community in action and I encourage you to not hesitate to "ask of us" - for in the asking you allow others to be the hands and feet of Jesus in His kingdom in the here and now... may God grant you a peaceful rest tonight:)


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