Monday, January 16, 2012

Though Your Sins were As Scarlet.......

I am not a fan of winter. (if you know me, you know this) In fact, I would say that there is nothing that I hate more....than winter. I hate the cold. I abhor snow.....(I used the thesaurus for that one, can you tell?) I would be perfectly happy to never experience another winter season again...ecstatic. Wearing flipflops all year long...going for long walks.....definitely a wonderful way to live.
And so, with yesterdays 6 inches of snow and unreal temperatures plummeting to the depths of cold....I declared a snow day for the Rubes and myself. We snuggled in bed, we watched tv, we even made blondies (white brownies...not wigs). What a good day. Blissful. And yet, in the pit of my stomach, I knew that Monday morning would come, and I would have to face the reality of ....winter in Saskatchewan. Winter driving, in big constraining parkas.
And so it came....the dreaded morning.
I slowly got ready, dawdling all the molassas in guessed it, January.
Finally, I sat in front of the wheel, and prayed a prayer of safety, that I pray every winter morning...and pulled out of the driveway.
It was still early, the world tempered with a blue tint, just a bit of daylight starting into the mix. And I was surprised at what I saw. Taken back, my breath caught just a little in my throat. Everything was white. I saw no colour anywhere. White....lit up by a blue light bulb. Pure white.
And in the depths of my heart.....the words stirred up from within....."though your sins were as scarlet...."
And then He spoke......"This is how I cover your sin."
Oh, how in that moment, I was so thankful for snow.

Isaiah 1:18
Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;

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