Sunday, January 08, 2012

Men who Preach, dont..........

Although I speak fairly often on a Sunday morning, it is somewhat uncommon for me to have the sermon. I share about my work, and then promptly sit down and listen to the preacher. I do speak at women's events much more often, but there is a comfortable familiarity there...a sisterhood.
And so, this morning was my morning. Preaching, sharing the word, and my story. And I've come to some conclusions....
Men who preach, don't..........
-have to debate whether to wear a skirt or pants, determine who will be offended with either. If in fact you choose the skirt, worry about the length of said skirt...again...not to offend anyone.
Men who preach, don't..........
-have to make sure they don't wear a v-neck (enough said)
-have to find a pair of nylons that aren't full of runs (I went through 6 pairs the morning)
Men who preach, don't..........
-have to ensure that their legs are shaved from the top of their boots to the bottom of their skirts. (please don't judge me on that one...and don't look close either)
Men who preach, don't............
-have to make sure they have the appropriate amount of make up on. Enough to look alive, and little enough to not know....
Men who preach, don't..........
-have to worry about length of heel on their boot or shoe...high heels make your legs look slimmer, but flats are more likely to ensure that you won't fall flat on your face.

As I stood with the pastor this morning, and shared with him my conclusions between men and women preaching...he shared his concerns with me:
 Men who preach....have to worry that their flies are done up.

I guess we all have our challenges.

All in all it was a good morning...God was there, and we were blessed.


  1. Hahaha! Well stated! However, we women do have to worry about the fly as well....especially if we opt for the "slacks" look.:) I did make it through an entire worship service one, on stage...with my fly down the whole time. Thank God for those pesky black nylons, black pants and an appropriately lengthy blouse. Sheesh.

  2. Ahahah..that is great Robin, thanks for sharing that! I'm always encouraged by you.

  3. Men who preach have their own sets of concerns too, that reflect their own fears and wishes just like those reflect yours.


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