Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spare Tire VS. Spared Tire

I was driving to a speaking engagement this morning....going just a tiny bit over the speed limit. I usually try to only speed by 10 kms/hr....or less. And so I was keeping pace with the cars beside me, when right in my path, coming up very quickly was a screwdriver of sorts. And I had only a minute to pray......a fervent yelling prayer, as if God couldn't quite hear me......" Lord, save my tire, SAVE MY TIRE, LORD!!!"

And with that, I felt the screwdriver hit my car and possibly my wheel. The music was quickly turned off, and I listened and felt for variations in the driving.....in the sound of a tire flattening.......and.......listen......nothing was different, nothing changed.

In a few minutes, I got to my destination, and because of my nervousness of the speaking task at  hand, I forgot about the tire.....until after my presentation.

I went out after and as I loaded my presentation equipment into the car....I took a look at the tire, just to ensure it was okay. Imagine my surprise, when I realized that I had acquired a new screwdriver.......

Just a little reminder for Robyn today, that God does answer prayer.


  1. The grace of God to you - enjoy your new screwdriver too!

  2. Love when God gives us a big tangible hug :)

  3. Ha, I love it! Of course I remember praying a simular prayer with you in my van on the way back from Toronto, but my tire was sadly struck. I think that God allowed that, so we could experience the crazy on and off of "your song" that Jesus had for you that week. You know the one where it kept going on and off "by itself", at the part that you needed to hear!


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