Thursday, April 21, 2011

Romantic Getaway

I need a vacation.....I need a romantic getaway....
These past two months have been more hectic than I realized when I filled my schedule. Lately it seems that every other Sunday I am speaking at a church, weekdays I'm either speaking in high schools or women's groups. Add in my worship team schedule, and extra meetings.....don't forget running the has been busy. I'm not complaining, but it has taken it's toll.

One of those places that have suffered is my relationship with my partner......Jesus. Oh, there is nothing wrong with us, we are fine...but it seems as of late....we just are not spending as much time together as we should. Some days we co-exist. You busyness gets....those most important to you...get left by the wayside. And like most relationships, when we don't spend time together, I can...possibly get a bit irritable.....wonder about the decisions He is making....why He is doing certain things....
And so...I put my foot down.
"Listen," I said," we need to get away, just us, no commitments, no speaking, no leading worship or whatever, just us."
Within a few days, the answer came. A small town outside of Saskatoon, is puttin on a weekend retreat in the next few weeks......add in one of my favorite speakers from Texas, add in a low price, a place where I don't have to be in charge or do anything...and my weekend is planned. A romantic getaway, where Jesus and I can reconnect. We can just rest in each other's arms for a while, and get away from the stresses and plans and duties.
I can hardly wait.

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  1. That sounds amazing, I know the feeling of just wanting some time alone with him. It seems that life and it's demands can crowd out all of your true quiet time with the lover of our souls!

    I pray that he will refresh you, even before you go away and that he will surprise you with some amazing things between now and then. I pray that you will know his great love for you in a deeper way, as you do all that he has called you to do.
    Your sister in Christ


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