Friday, April 15, 2011

Pole Dancing.

There is a lamp post at the front corner of our yard. That lamp post, or pole, is an ever consistent temptation for my Ruby. Every time we go out for a pee (her not me) she wanders to the pole. She loves to hang out at the pole, to sniff the pole.....and probably to pee on the pole, but as of yet, she has never gotten that far.
Now, I, do not like the pole. The pole is far away from me, close to the road, right by the sidewalk, and therefore is considered a dangerous area. For such a little puppy; she is difficult to see, and could be hit by anything that came her way. "Danger, Will Rogers." Unfortunately, she does not see the danger. She walks the line.
And so, every trip  outside, I have to corral her, with my words or at times by going out to the pole, to bring her back. To ensure her watch over her.
I wonder how many times there are poles in our life......area's that we walk around blindly, not knowing the danger that surrounds us. Sin, that seems to be 'not so bad' or even just walking so close to the line of sin....that one wrong step, and we are wallowing in the pool of offense. I wonder how many times, God, in His loving nature, tries to warn us, or corral us, as it were, to keep us safe.  And yet, our will, our desires, our want to hang out at the often keeps us from listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. We recklessly swing around the pole, ignoring the danger.
In this Season of Lent, may we look inward to those things that hinder....and the sin that so easily entangles...and run with perseverance....away from the pole.

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  1. I wonder how many times God has adventures for us, exciting poles in risky places, and we get corralled by the words and actions of people around us. Sometimes they think it's for our good. Sometimes it's because they want to control us or prevent us being lost to them.

    I wonder what freedoms and fruit we give up, not stepping out into the snow where it's a bit risky but where our natural calling is?

    I wonder when 2 people will ever see the same things in a set of circumstances?



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