Saturday, April 23, 2011

Maybe there is hope for me yet.....................

Easter, for several years has always been my favorite time of year. Christmas can come and go, and I don't care, but is different. Easter changed everything for us. I mean, Jesus was born, but if Easter wouldn't have would all have been for not.
 As I have thought about the Easter story these past years and placed myself in the picture, I have consistently pictured myself as one who would have been angry and filled with despair. This man, who I had pinned all my hopes and dreams on, died....I would have questioned his Kingship. I would have thought his promises to be future would not be as He said.....and His desertion of me would have invoked hatred and bitterness. I cannot related to those women who went to the grave early Sunday morning to dress his body for burial.....I probably would have still been at home wallowing in self pity.
I have thought this for many years............until..................
Yesterday in our service, they mentioned how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Now, by itself, this is not a new story, we all know it. We take it for granted that it was a miracle of the Lord's. But....when I look at it as a precursor to the Easter story, I have a whole new perspective. If Jesus can raise Lazarus, then maybe, just maybe, He can raise Himself....or His Father can do it!
It completely changed my view of myself. I really think I would have waited for Him to come back. Based upon my belief that God can do anything.....that God has a plan for each of our lives.....I think that there may have been a small part of my heart...that would have laid in my bed and begged God to bring Jesus back. Tears- yes, sorrow- of course....but maybe, maybe, just a little bit of hope.
And so, this weekend is ending for me a little different than it started.
Maybe there is hope for me yet.....................

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