Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How I learn

It's been a while. I'm still here. I thought change would have come by now....it hasn't....not for me at least. It has been a long few months.....carrying burdens....mine and those of other people....some I chose to carry....good or bad.
And tonight I find myself pondering the 'wait.'
I have found in these last few months.....that people are great to give their opinion of your life, or what you should do, or how you should act or respond or behave.....they give you the great answer to life's mystery....or at least what they think is the answer. I have found it quite disconcerting, as people I know and trust, have a different perspective of what God wants us all to do. ' If God does this...then You need to do this...' and so on.
Now, it's not all bad, it's actually good, because it shows that people are seeking God...and He is moving and teaching and growing them.
But....I think sometimes we forget.......
In this life.....on this earth...as unstable, and shaky as it might be these days......we are all unique individuals. And although God has an ultimate plan for this world....He will get us there each, individually, the way He thinks is best. We all learn differently. And so ....I have come to understand...that God will teach us differently....meeting us where we are at.
People so often give me advice on ' getting out there, making things happen' not understanding that they describe my past. Everything I have ever wanted to do....I have pushed to do it, whether God agrees or not. If God doesn't work fast enough or fit into my timetable, then I rush ahead of Him, leaving Him in the dust.
Now....God is teaching me to wait. He is teaching me to wait in a way that I will understand....And, in all honesty, I hate it. But......that's me....wanting to push ahead......my way, my timetable.
The point of my musings.....if we now understand that kids learn differently, and work to teach them in a way that they will understand...why is it so difficult to comprehend that the Creator of the Universe, the best teacher there will ever be.....will teach us how we learn. If He created us...my guess is that like it or not....He can get His point across.

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  1. I am inclined to believe the very best advice is the stuff that encourages you to find out what God wants for your life - for yourself. Much better to apply the principles of grace and freedom than personal and often mis-matched rules. That's not to say that a nudge in the right direction isn't useful, but it needs to be a nudge, rather than railroading.

    We go through times when the grace of God lets us carry on with our flaws, and times that grace is withdrawn so we can see them clearly.


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