Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Memories

A few days ago, it was late.....when I went in search of a memory. Earlier that day, I had spent time sharing old Christmas memories with a dear friend.....and this one I had forgotten.
When I was nine years old, our parents moved us across the country so that my dad could help in a church.....and unpaid position of youth leader and choir director. It was like moving to another country. Almost everyone spoke German. We did not. All the women wore dresses for church, until then....we had not. It was most definitely culture shock as I look back.
I learned very quickly to be able to sing German, and although I didn't understand all the words.....this song stands out.
It is the German equivalent of the Hallelujah Chorus. I found it the other day on YouTube....haven't having heard it in over 20 years. It flooded me with memories. Every year on Christmas morning, we had a church service. And at the end of that service, there would be a mass choir, and we would sing FriedensFurst. As I close my eyes, I can see my father directly in front of me conducting the choir. (I always ended up in the front row....keep me in line you know)
I am so glad I found this piece of my Heritage. As challenging as it was.....and even though I may not understand all the words....I sing this song with all my heart.

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