Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Smelling like Cheap Pizza

I am sick. I have been sick for 14 days. Not annoying sick, but flat on my back....(well except for when I have to sleep sitting up because of the coughing) sick.
This is ridiculous. Come on now, there are things I need to do, people I need to see, conferences I need to sing at.
And so.....in desperation, I tried something that normally does not interest me at all. Homeopathy.  Last night my friend Greek Maria told me to take oregano oil. Now, normally I believe in pills to solve problems....but my problems weren't getting solved....so......I took Maria's advice, and went shopping for oregano oil. Now in totally honesty, I thought that this worked for Maria, because, well, she is Greek. Kinda like how farmer sausage does much to sooth the Mennonite's heart....but as I previously stated....desperate, and so, oregano oil, it was.
 My first attempt wasn't bad.....5 drops in ice tea...to cut the strength of the flavor. I did that shooter by 9:30am. Okay, not bad.....I smell like a cheap pizza....but as my cousin pointed out, its better to smell like a cheap pizza, than a cheap....somethin else.
So far today....I have done 5 oregano shooters....like the container said. Now the last one, I was feeling brave, so I just did it in water......DUMB MOVE. Maria told me not to do that......but, hey, when do I listen....and so I tried it.....I am a strong woman........wow.....I am a strong woman, who had to do everything in her power not to toss her cookies. (technically apple crisp--gluten free)
And so now, I have just crawled into bed......hoping that this magical oil will heal me over night. I'll keep you posted.


  1. have you been to a dr.? (a question, not a suggestion or "you ought to"....)

  2. yeah, she put me on antibiotics...which didnt help, because it ended up not being strep, and so, when I called her to tell her it wasnt working, she said it was probably viral....so it would have to run its course.

  3. Oh Robyn, you sure have to learn things the hard way!! Yuck! I hope you feel SO much better in the morning....praying for you.

  4. But! If it is whooping cough the antibiotics will have made you non-contagious! So you won't get pregnant ladies sick anymore and risk killing their new babies!

    Although most adults don't get whooping cough anymore since they're immunized and have good immune systems, but still...this was my recent experience so...yeah. 7 weeks in and I'm still not 100% better, but at least I've stopped throwing up every day.

  5. Love the farmer's sausage line. I must have some French in me many generations back because it's the poutine that medicates me.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

    My Grandma used to eat cloves of garlic straight, as I recall... Yuck!


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