Saturday, November 13, 2010


Something is wrong with me.
It's November 13th and I am contemplating putting up the Christmas tree. I don't even like Christmas.
Years of working in retail at Christmas time, have left a bad taste in my mouth. People spending incredible amounts of money, going into debt, to try and out do themselves, or buy everything on someones list. Stupid.
And yet.....this year, seems different. I wonder what it is. Have I been out of retail long enough? Is it my whole change of heart and soul this year, that makes me a bit gleeful?
Is it that I am so eager for God's future for my life, that the sooner we get Christmas over and done....the closer I may be to something new and great?
Hm, I wonder.

Until then, I guess I'll go find the tree.

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  1. I like your muse Robyn....Christmas for me this year is somehow different too...I won't be spending copious amounts of money...oh right...that's because I can't! So, it's all about the Reason and spending it with those I love. It's the Spirit of Christmas, and I say...bring it on! Marcia


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