Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well, this is what 39 looks like. I never thought about getting this old. When I was growing up, 39 was reality. I've been dreading this birthday......I expected my life to be different at this age. And, as I reflect, I am thankful. I have found myself in Christ this year. I am living in obedience. I also am able to live with great family members, who believe in me and God's plan for my life. It seems a peace has settled here. So even when I have walked through dark times, the peace is still ever present.
Today, I am appreciating the day....all the bad food I've eaten, and all the friends who have wished me well.
Tomorrow, its back on the treadmill.....back to the grind.....and back to the business. Today, I celebrate.

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  1. 39 looks BEAUTIFUL. Please tell me I'll look that good in another 9 years. I actually didn't know how old you were until this post but I would have guessed younger, without a doubt. You wear it well, young lady. ;)


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