Sunday, October 31, 2010

Riders vs. Jesus

Its been a while, I know. I could regale you with stories of this past week and a body being overcome with some horrible strep, flu, sinus infection concoction.....the fever, sore throat, coughing, aching and other bad things the body does when faced with attack. ( Now if you know me, you know I have no trouble in sharing my personal information regarding pooping and puking, but I digress)
 I spent a good 5 days in bed, and if I was smart, I would still be there. But, duty called, and so I went to work.....trying not to cough up a lung while encouraging ones pregnancy.
Priorities. I will be honest.....this week I have not spent time with God as I should....other than when I begged for Him to either strike me dead or heal my intense headache. But normally, I do prioritize my time with Him.
I also live in a place where our provincial football team is revered above much else....something like a cult religion. This struck home today, as I walked past a car in a parking lot. On the back they had two was a Jesus fish, with Jesus in it, (just His name, not really Him) and on the other side was a Saskatchewan Riders sticker.
Now to be a Rider fan, is serious business. You need ample green attire, you need to know the song, and be faithful in watching all the games. If you are indeed serious about your love for the may even carve a watermelon into a helmet and wear it on your head.
And so I thought today.....if only we were so passionate about Jesus. Now I am not saying that we walk around in 'God attire' and sing chorus' and hymns for all to hear....or even wear  religious-shaped fruit on our head....but what if we had the same commitment, the same loyalty, the same love for God. How different would this place be.....


  1. I couldn't agree with this more Robyn. Very well said! :) Kristin

  2. That's why I'm so far from being a Rider fan. There are so many over zealous, idolatrous, fans out there.

    Like enjoying an occasional beer will not make you an alcoholic, watching an occasional game won't make you a zealot. The other end of that analogy can be pretty destructive and irrational.


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