Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Just Me

This weekend, I had some boredom on my hands....and so I did what I do when I am bored. I change something.
Now I thought about moving my bed around to another location, and I like the living room the way it is....and so there left one obvious choice. My hair.
My hair is something that I change....sometimes every few years, sometimes every few months. But yesterday was the day....well, in all seeped into today as well.
I started with a bleach, to remove the darkness, and then applied an ash blonde. Ash is the colour that cuts the red in my make it a light cool dirty blonde. the end of that....I had a strawberry blonde colour with dark streaks.....and lighter roots. Knowing that I couldnt leave it that way, I waited a head is pretty sore, and today I added another ash blonde....and it came our caramel...but even.
And so, now I am caramel.

The thing that gets me......everyone has an opinion. My mother and brother prefer blonde, my friend Jackie prefers dark....and then yesterday I got a few comments on how people much prefer this colour. Everyone has a preference....and me.....I just like the variety and the shock value. I like seeing myself in the mirror after forgetting that I dyed it....and being surprised. I love my hair.....I love it long. In the self-concious world we live, I am quick to see my imperfections...but my hair I like.And so on this thanksgiving.....I am thankful for my hair.....whatever colour it may be.



  1. You are definitely gorgeous in any hair colour! I like this caramel/red thing!

  2. I think it's awesome that you can go any colour and it looks natural. I think your new colour looks amazing :) It really makes your blue eyes stand out!


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