Thursday, October 14, 2010

David Crowder's Hair

Tonight I have nothing profound to say, except that hopefully by the end of tomorrow.....I will like my hair colour.
I think I just needed a change, and so I have coloured my hair a few times this week....yes I am being careful and no, it won't fall out.
But I am not happy with it. And so....I think dark brown is who I am meant to be still. Now that doesn't say that some time in the future, I will try again, but for now....I find myself in the dark hair. Sorry to all you who prefer the lighter know who you are.
That....and......I saw David Crowder Band last night. (speaking of crazy hair) and I fell in love.....a little with David Crowder (who I believe looks like an Amish man gone grunge), and a whole lot more with my Jesus. I haven't listened to a whole lot of his music....some yes.....but yesterday, reading the lyrics on the screen, I could clearly see how this man, has gone deeper with God....this man at one time had to die to himself....he had to decrease, and Christ had to increase. It was evident. My hope is that some day, someone may say that of me too.
Until then.....I will keep working, on myself...and my hair.

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