Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Stage of Love

I am a nickname person.....I think people need nicknames.....I think it shows that we care about them...that there is something about them that is memorable.
Some people call me Blackie....due to a rather large black eye that I acquired at Universal Studios Haunted House (it was not a dummy mummy)
Some people call me Bob...or Rob.....and one person even calls me 'Love Nugget'. That's okay, I call her Lamb.
As a matter of fact, I call many people Lamb. I like Lambs....maybe I'll call you Button, or even godmother.
So, imagine my surprise, when driving this afternoon, I was in a full conversation with God....when I called Him a nickname. I was a little shocked at first....I stopped the conversation....replayed it in my mind. I don't want to be sacrilegious......or disrespectful to God.
 And that's when it hit me.....another stage of love. As I have been growing towards God this year, as this relationship has become all important.....all consuming.....and I have explored what it is, to love God; I took another step today. In love, I called Him by a love name. Kinda cool.
Then of course to over spiritualize things.....I remembered the story of Hagar....and how she ran away when she was pregnant....long story short, she too named God...."El-roi"....."the God who sees me."
I am thankful, that I believe...that God sees me, He hears me, He loves me....and He has a plan for me.
And so today....on 8th St....driving to Best Buy.....I called God by a nickname.

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