Sunday, September 05, 2010


Have you ever tried to thread a serger? It is the worst thing in the world to do.With it's four threads and four needles, it is a meticulous task, that takes a huge amount of effort, dainty, nimble fingers and a world of patience. I enjoy threading my serger, about as much as getting a root canal.....and with the dental work, you at least get medication.
For those of you unacquainted with a is a marvelous sewing machine. It sews, cuts and seam finishes, in one step. One step. It is without a doubt, my favorite machine......well, except for the threading.
  And so, this afternoon, I had to change the thread colour. The thing is, if even one thread is out of place, or misses a little hook in the motor, or just is having a bad day, it wont work......none of the threads work. They all have to be in the right place at the right time, doing their job....and the result is fantastic.
And so, I changed the thread....and it didn't work.....back and back again, I had to re-thread, until I figured out the problem.
As I sat there, I thought about my life as of late. I have been faithful in many avenues of my relationship with God. I have been spending more time with Him lately.....being obedient in what He is instructing me in.... trusting Him with things, etc. There was however one area, in which I was struggling....and so, instead of tackling it head on.....I avoided it.  And, it just didn't seem like my life was.....well running smoothly. 
I realized this afternoon, like my serger, that unless, I have every part of my life, working in the same direction......being obedient......then my life won't run as well as it could......and eventually it will break down. So many times, we use so many excuses to not give everything over to God.....but in reality, our stubbornness, is usually to blame....and we become so blind to our own stubborn attitude, we don't see it for what it really is.....rebellion. How much are we losing out on, because of our stubbornness.
And so, today, I swallowed my pride, repented of my unfaithfulness, asked God to help me get it right.
And you know, I already feel like this machine is running much smoother.

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