Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Lunch Guy

Ever wonder if your life is too normal.....if your job is too ordinary, and you couldn't do anything really 'big' for God?
I was reading in Acts this morning about Stephen. Now I am sure some of you have heard of this fella. He had some.....guts. Stephen believed in the Power of God, the power of Jesus Christ. He taught about his new found faith, and even went so far as to heal people.
When confronted of his actions, he would not stop. And most of the apostles, he too was brought before the religious leaders of the time, and reprimanded. (the best part was when he started to glow like an angel!) This however didn't stop him, and not only did he refuse their instructions to keep quiet.....he rebuked them. He told them of their continual sin and the sins of their ancestors....and not only that......he told them they had uncircumcised hearts....(to the Jews at the time, not a compliment)...the told them they were heathen at heart, and willing to listen to the truth. Wow, Stephen, you know how to start a riot. The officials were so infuriated, that the day ended with the stoning of Stephen....who, being filled with the Holy Spirit.......when he looked up into the sky, could see Jesus, in Heaven, standing at the right hand of God. Stephen died that day. I believe, one of the first martyrs for the cause...our cause.
Now, remember how you think you are too ordinary for incredible things? Stephen.......was the lunch guy....just the lunch guy. He had been chosen by the disciples to distribute food evenly to the new believers and widows. Low man on the totem pole.....a broom pusher.
If that was Stephens life.....what could ours be like?


  1. If we could only have a portion of Stephens faith..... a nice reminder.

  2. I have been thinking similar thoughts recently. It's always good to hear it from an outside source.

  3. That's an interesting POV Robyn.

    Stephen's selection process was interesting: the people were told to choose 7 men, full of the Holy Spirit. I'd suspect they chose 7 of their best guys, partly because they'd want to be sure it was well taken care of and partly because in the economy of the new church, serving was an honour and not a task for the man at the bottom of the pile.

    As for what he said that provoked such anger, I'm reminded of something Jesus said about not worrying what you'll say when you get hauled up in court: that the Holy Spirit would give the words needed at the time. So maybe all those provocative words weren't Stephen's idea of a great defense, but instead were what he felt lead to say despite the situation - and was blessed for it (seeing heaven opened).

    I'd agree that we could aspire to be like Stephen, but broom-pusher in the way we view modern society?


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