Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Thankfulness and trust, I believe, go hand in hand. So many times our thankfulness is increased by our trust, but are we choosing to be thankful, even when trusting is difficult.
I was struck this Sunday, (no not literally) as I stood during worship at church. We were singing the old chorus....Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart. I sang, with a lump in my throat, as I glanced forward........a few rows a head of me, stood the Fehrs. Their life has not turned out the way they expected, and yet, they continue to give thanks. About two years ago, this past spring, Mrs. Fehr, and two of her children, were going home, after a church function, when they were struck broadside by a speeding vehicle. Mark, then three, took the brunt of the impact. He was unstable for many days, and it was up in the air, if he would survive. He did. He is, however, not the same. The little boy, who used to run around church in cowboy attire, now sits in a stroller. The milestones are measured by things like learning to suck again, so he can have formula through a bottle.......or opening his eyes. We all continue to hope and pray that someday Mark will wake up, and be the teasing little man he used to be.
In sorrow and despair, his family continues to be thankful.
This past spring, it was a shock when my brother came home from work one day, saying that his entire company got laid off, at quitting time. It has been a time of trusting and choosing to be thankful and not wallowing in worry.
He was able to collect employment insurance.......until the end of August.....that being yesterday. On Monday, he met with the new owners of the business, and he started work this morning. We are thankful. God's timing, God's glory.
So, today, I am choosing to walk through the day, and be thankful......for whatever.....whatever crosses my path, whatever comes my way.

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