Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Garbage In, Garbage Out

I've been struggling with some health issues as of late. Nothing major, just some stomach stuff, going from bad to worse. About six months ago, I gave up gluten, thinking this may be the cause of some of my discomfort....and to be honest, for a while it did help. But then, my body started rejecting other things as well. I have had to do a series of tests for my doctor....and we won't get into detail....but they were THE MOST HORRIBLE THINGS I HAVE EVER HAD TO DO. Anyway, last Wednesday, my tests came back, saying that I was not gluten intolerant.....all the tests actually came back normal.
Normal? Are  you kidding me? There are times, when I am actually sick from dinner before I leave the dinner table.....there are days when my body rejects things so violently, I kinda wonder....maybe someone is slowly poisoning me....just kidding.....I think.
So....the last few days......I had been rebellious. In my snotty voice, I said to myself...."well if I'm not allergic, then I can eat anything I want." (snotty, snot, snot)
And so, I did. And so, I have been sick.....every day, most of all day....sick. Doubled over....living in the bathroom sick....TMI?
And the thought keeps coming to me......something someone used to say all the time......"Garbage in, garbage out."
All this to say......what we put in our minds or our hearts or our spirits.....will affect us. If we put in unhealthy things, we will reap unhealthy thoughts, and attitudes.
Our hearts will be full of whatever we put in them. Out of the abundance of the heart.....the mouth speaks. Been thinking about that one too....been watching a little less TV....spending a little more time, putting good stuff in.
Luke 6:45 says this:
The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.

The thing is this....if we have left over hurt or pain in our hearts...hiding in the back, dark corners where we don't tend to visit....this will eventually come out.....overflowing from the heart.....and it will hurt many. We all have been hurt, we have all been pained....and I think we need to have an honest look at what is actually still living in our hearts....growing.....preparing to overflow. We need to clean house.....and believe me (I know I just cleaned the shower....my hands still smell like bleach.) its difficult work.
God has so much more for us....if we just get rid of the garbage......and overflow what is ultimately from Him.


  1. I wish I could feel your pain for you, but since I can't I'll offer my prayers instead.

  2. Are you feeling sick because of issues inside, do you think? Just trying to work out whether the bit at the end was connected to the bit at the start.


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