Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rice Cereal, Day Three

This evening, I had the joy of feeding my five and a half month old nephew, Connor his third attempt at rice cereal.
So, there he sat, in his high chair, diaper and a bib, and there I sat....dressed...and we'll leave it at that.
He seemed eager enough to give it another try, that's his disposition....a happy baby that only screams when poopy or famished. And so, we began the task of getting this runny messy stuff into his mouth. Now the thing about babies is......that the don't know to close their mouths to eat, and no matter how much I tried to show him and tell him.....and demonstrate......he would just grin at me, and all my efforts of getting this stuff into him, failed, as the last bite or spoonful (not a bite really) would run down his chin, and get caught in that little fat neck fold. (we've found many a thing in that neck crease.....a sock, some lint, my dog)
As I sat there, I thought of what this might be like for Jesus....who tries to feed us, who tries to nourish us, who tries to satisfy us.....and we sit there with our mouths open....either in shock or complaining, or not paying attention......and the stuff is running out of our mouths. We don't trust Him to give us what we need, or to do what's best for us. We sit there in our dirty attire, dirty from past hurts, past choices, pasts.....not understanding that if we would just shut our mouths and trust.....we could be so nourished, so full....so much more free. We would grow and flourish and have new lives.....and be new people......if we would trust and choose to eat what He gives.
Anyway.....just a thought.....I did get a lot into him by the way....I stood up...when he was looking up at me, it was less likely to run out of his mouth.

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