Sunday, August 22, 2010

Magic 8 Ball

About eight years ago, I met a woman who would change my life. No, she didn't give me a large amount of money, she didn't do anything bad to me. She had an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.....with God.
And because of her, I will never be the same.
She saw potential in me.....and she became one of my confidante's. She continued to point me towards the good and bad situations in my life. There were times, when she dragged me, kicking and screaming to the feet of Jesus. She is a woman who's life is bathed in prayer. She would know things about me, before I would know them.
I remember a few times, when after struggling with the Lord about a decision of obedience....I would call her, and tell her my decision...her reply? "I know, I've been waiting for your call." Drove me can't you use your gift for good and not to wait for me to submit to God.....pick out lottery numbers or something?
I began to call her my spiritual magic 8 ball. My person to work out my salvation with. Now, it's not always fun and games.....there are times when I don't talk to her, because I know what she will say.....and I have already heard that answer from God, and am looking for something that suits me better.....stupid human nature. But she continues to be there for me...and hopefully me for her.
Her life isn't without heartache. She had to work through the fact that they have never been able to have children.....and God has walked along side her in her spiritual children to care for. She has had a few family struggles at times, in which she continues to walk along side of Christ, through the turmoil.....knowing that ultimately God is in control....and God will never fail.
On Friday night, her step dad died.....he had been sick, but his passing was unexpected and seemed sudden. I spent some time with her yesterday, and through the tears, she told me of how God was continuing to work in this situation.....of blended families, broken hearts, and people who may not yet know her Jesus.
"My God rocks." She said. is true.....and she believes it.
So, this week as they prepare to bury the man who infiltrated their hearts and lives.....if you are a praying person....would you say a prayer for my magic 8 ball?

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