Wednesday, August 11, 2010

God speaks, and He still moves stones.

God speaks.
I've been reading a book by Brad Jursak, called "Can You Hear Me?" that talks all about the ways that God speaks to us. Now I don't think myself a scholar, and so even though the book is not a difficult kinda is for me. And so, slow and steady I go. It may take a while.
But in the interim, I have been reflecting on how much I have learned to hear God's voice this year. Whether it be in a song or in scripture or in the deep places in my heart.....slowly I am learning to turn off the noise around me, and listen; sometimes out of desperation, sometimes out of joy, and sometimes, out of plain obedience.
Silence has become a rich commodity for me, that or worship music. It amazes me how little time I actually spend watching TV now (well except for The Secret Life of the American Teenager...and I consider that research for work)
We are in a world of choice overload, of too much noise, of too many choices. For example.....a hundred years ago, if you wanted to contact someone, you would go to their house, or write them a letter., instant message, pinging (you know who you are), facebook, cell phone, home phone, cordless phone, texting, skyping,  you name it.....we can do it. Too much. Now I am an owner and fan of several of these I am not degrading anything.....but its just too much.
God speaks, and He speaks all the time, but are we listening?
Recently, I was in a quandary about what to do about a certain situation, and so I prayed about it.....out loud....while laying on my dear friend's floor (she currently is without living room furniture, bless her heart........... renovations) Out loud I begged God for an answer......and in my head and in my not to seem over spiritual, and quite honestly, I didn't really like the answer, so again I prayed out loud.....that God would give my friend the same answer for me.....just to 'confirm.' (she was of course, laying beside me) Now she had two answers...the first one was the same one God had given me, and so I had to obey. But....the moral of the story is this: if you ask, He will answer.
 One thing you need to understand about His isn't always what you want to hear....that seems to be my deal as of late. Some one asked me recently, how I know it's God speaking....and not my own subconscious...well, I laughed and said, that usually I don't really like the answer I am makes me wait, or makes me change myself....its not the easy answer. Test it against scripture......God will never say anything that goes against His own word.
And wait.....oh, I don't like that one.....often for confirmation, we need to wait......and wait.....and wait.
 In the waiting, do not get discouraged, as is the temptation. God understands that we need encouragement....'signs' it were. I've been thinking today...about something I once read in a Max Lucado book....about the stone being rolled away from the tomb. God didn't roll the stone away for Jesus could get out of the tomb. He had just conquered death....a little rock wasn't going to stand in his way.......He rolled the stone away for us! So we could see the empty we could believe. We needed proof.....
And so today, as you wait for God to speak, and you wait for His words to come to fruition......remember, He still speaks, and He still moves stones.

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