Monday, August 23, 2010

The End of the Book

So......I was reading a book this weekend, that my mom had lent to me.....a fairly easy read....little suspenseful....and mostly just a good place to lose yourself for a while. We were visiting on Saturday, and she asked if I had started the book yet...."Yeah, about half way through."
 "Oh, I can't believe he dies....that is such a sad part." she gushed.
 And my reply?...."I'm not that far yet."

Well, one of the main characters dies. Hhhmm...well, that kinda ruins it for I continue, or do I just stop reading. I lamented on facebook regarding my dilemma and had some interesting comments. One aunt said to keep reading...."don't you ever read the end of the book first?"  NO, I don't. I don't. I don't.
Never....what's the point?
Then another friend, a wise one at that,  commented, that "it is just like life.......we do know what the ending is, we just have to actually live it, to find out how we get there."
That caused me to pause. Sometimes I get so focused on the current chapter, I forget about the ending. Sure, I want to finish well, I want to run the race and be called faithful.....and I do look at that as I go about living........but sometimes we, all, think so currently that we forget this is temporary. Recently I wrote about God's wrist watch....and honestly, we do not know His timing for things.......what seems temporary to Him, is, in all reality, a life time for us.
This week I have seen people leave this earth, and I have also heard of those who have entered it, or, will enter it in the next 9 months.
What I am trying to figure out, as I write this......I know we all have crap.....that drags us down....insecurities, unresolved issues, the need for reconciliation- where the other party wont respond to our not lose heart.....if you have Jesus....then the end of the book is written.
In the lyrics of an old southern gospel song....."I've read  the back of the book...and we win."

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  1. I am bad for reading the last page, or pages of a book just to make sure that a main character doesn't die....or something. Haha! I don't like surprises!


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