Thursday, August 05, 2010

Chocolate Vs. Granola

You know, when in the middle of the night, you wake up and get a hankering for something to eat?
It was almost 2am, when I awoke from a deep sleep, and needed something. Very dazed and somewhat confused, I remembered that I had a Big Turk chocolate bar in my purse....the the call of said chocolate bar was very strong.
And so, I fumbled my way through the darkness, to find my purse, and the ever loving, so satisfying chocolate. I, in a Helen Keller fashion, felt my way through lipsticks and pens to at last grasp the object of my desire......and sauntered back to bed.
Once in the comfort of my blankets....mixed with eyes closed, I ripped open the wrapper, and took my first bite.....granola bar. Oh, not what I was expecting. Oh,  not what I had hoped for.....better for me, more filling....healthier....not what I thought I wanted.
And so that makes me think of God....what He has for me. As I have been thinking of the future, this time, I am carefully not planning out what I 'think' God's plan is, but waiting on Him. It's not easy. I stumble around in the darkness, choosing what to sink my teeth into, without a good look at the big picture, or even a clear view of what I am eating. God has something better for me, even though I might not know it....something  more filling, something healthier. Aren't we all like that?
And so God, I pray that you would reveal your plan in your time, and that you would continue to work out the future, as you see it. Give me grace to accept your nourishment, you food....your will.

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  1. As you are praying this...can you ask Him that for me too....Thank you so much!!!!


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