Wednesday, July 21, 2010 not a toilet.

Been thinking a lot lately about who is on the Throne in my life...who or what I put there. I heard a sermon the other day, that made me cringe, not able to admit, that this is something I do.
I think this is something we totally miss in our lives. We think we are all good, because we are Christians, and we don't worship idols......but reality struck me right between the eyes last week, as I came to the realization that too many times, I put other things on the throne......and kinda push God outta the way.
The thing that I struggle with, is that most of the things, that end up on our thrones....are good things, things given to us by the One who loves us so much......but we put things and people in that spot, and we lose.
And so, God forgive me for doing it........and remind me that you come first. Be gentle in your rearing of me.

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