Thursday, July 01, 2010

How are YOU doin?

I'm laying here in my bed, listening to random shotgun like sounds emanating from my open window.....were I in my old neighbourhood, I would be worried....but here in the burbs, I figure that its just neighbours with fireworks.
I did something today, that I normally don't do. I was having a conversation with God, when I asked, "So, how are you doing, really?" It just came out, like I was talking to someone I am close to.....and then I realized who I was talking to. I didn't know that I expected an answer,but I started to wonder, if anyone ever asks that.
I've been thinking about His feelings this week. I have been doing some reading, and not really liking, how some people portray God. I understand that He is everything, but I don't necessarily like every one's perspective on who He is.......and yes, I realize that maybe people don't like mine either.....then stop reading.
And its humorous to me, that as I have been doing reading this week, I have become very protective of my Jesus, my God. Even reading through Job, this week, I can relate to what Job is saying, but I still think that times, he is too harsh with God.......however I'm not at the end of the book I haven't seen resolution. I keep wanting to say....."wait gets better, God knows what He is doing....." and yet that would mean that I need to accept that as truth in my own's a hard pill to swallow.
As I have been going through 'life renovations' as of late, I struggle with not knowing the future, and trusting God with my everything.....I get frustrated too, and ask God the same questions that Job asks.....and yet.....I need to believe...."that it gets better and God knows what He is doing."
So for now, I will just continue to ask God how He is doing.....and every day choose to believe that it gets better and He knows what He is doing.

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  1. Interesting.

    In the case of Job, I think it's important to see his words about God in the context of what happened to him. Few of us could ever claim to have suffered such loss and pain, yet remained righteous in all they said and did. Dd he blame the devil (who caused the disasters to happen in Job's life) or did he see God as the one in control, who gave the devil permission.

    So in the circumstances it seems reasonable for him to see God as bringing him (a righteous man) to ruin while sinners around him prospered. I think suffering while in the will of God opens up the way in which we understand and see Him in a way that's not possible if we've never been through those things.


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