Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Day In Heaven

Its a little after midnight, and this day seems to be never ending. My body screams for sleep, and my mind is not yet ready to drift.
There is a song in my head tonight......and oldie, but a goodie.
Its called, First Day In Heaven, and it goes a little something like this:

Well it's a great, great mornin'
Your first day in Heaven,
When you stroll down the Golden Avenue.
There are mansions left and right
And you're thrilled at every sight
And the saints are always smiling sayin', "How do you do?"
Oh it's a great, great mornin'
You're first day in Heaven,
When you realize your worryin' day are through.
You'll be glad you were not idol,
Took time to read your Bible,
It's a great mornin' for you.

I had a dream, I must confess, I hated to awake.
He dreamt he was an angel at the great pearly gates.
Saint Peter said, "Well hello there, where have you been?
We've got your mansion ready so come right in."
And then he rang for an angel to act as a guide.
He spread his wings a time or two and learned how to fly.


It's a great mornin',
A great mornin'
What a happy day.

I know of two people who died today. One, close to my heart, one I didn't know.  They died within an hour of each other, and yet so differently. Today, my uncle went to meet his King. His body took the past 26ish days to shut down, and although my heart breaks for our loss, and for his kids.....and their loss, I take comfort in the fact that he is now in his eternal home....possibly even having a conversation with his parents, or my father as I write this.....I don't know what they do in Heaven....well...spend time with Jesus. Lots of  people to see, lots of hearts to recognize....many I'm sure he helped get there.
Within half an hour of his death, on a freeway in Saskatoon, a mother of three was walking and was killed when struck by a semi....or so the story goes, not much news out there yet. Her life ended so differently; so quickly, so tragically.
When I think of my dad's passing, I am so glad, that I had a chance to say good bye, to make peace, to have no regrets. I am thankful too, that my cousins had the same opportunity. So today, as we mourn, there is still a sense of peace in it all.
Today, for that other family, I do not know if peace will come so quickly.
And so, if you are one who understands the power and unity in prayer, please pray for both families, as they cope, and grieve, and continue to live in this new normal.....and pray too, that it is also her first day in Heaven.

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