Sunday, June 06, 2010


I'm sitting outside on the deck, the sun is already quite hot, but the breeze is making up for it. Coffee by my side, and my dog 'frolicing' in the yard.....okay, in all honesty, taking a pee.
Its Sunday morning, I'm done working out,  and while the rest of the family is hustling to get to church on time, I am slowing preparing for the day.
I have to work today, speak in a church this morning....a small church, therefore only one service, starting at 11am.
Its been a busy couple of weeks, speaking in different places, and the end is not quite in sight yet, as I have the fundraiser this week, as well as an AGM the following week.
(excuse me while I take a second to lift my sucky puppy onto my lap, as she is done 'playing.')
Ticket sales for the fundraiser are down, and that causes some stress for me. I need to have the final count in by tomorrow, and at last count, we weren't even at half of our required number.
And yet, I do know, that God is here, and God will be there on Thursday night, no matter who else shows up. I am hoping for, praying for, and expecting a miracle.
Risking I said on Friday....isn't that what it's all about? Last week, I shared about how I was trusting God with my future, and this week, He has been asking me to risk risk possible failure, for something bigger, something better...................I wonder what this will look like. Things that make you go hhhmmm
But for now, I will focus on the immediate.....getting ready to speak this morning.
So I wish you all a good day.

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