Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mole-y, Mole-y, Mole-y

There are was one of them.
I was standing somewhere I shouldn't have been. No.....nothing inappropriate.....just a line at McDonald's....this lactose intolerant, gluten free girl decided to have an ice cream cone.....because I am a glutton for punishment.
As I said, I was standing in line, and there was a woman in front of me, with two small children....very cute. I was making faces at them, passing the line-time, when she looked at me and smiled. She seemed nice, about my age, attractive, mom clothes on, her hair in a cute little bob.
.......and then I saw it..........
She had a mole on the side of her chin....which is fine, we all have moles......but there in that mole......was a hair.....growing out of the centre......and not just a little hair....but it had to be at least 2 inches long....I am not lying. It curled and bent rebelliously. I couldn't look a bad accident, my eyes were glued to that hair.....determining it's length.....trying to figure out how, I could pull it out.
My hands were clenched at my sides, as I tried to think of something else, anything.  I just couldn't understand why someone would let a hair grow that long, in a mole on their face.
And then I had some time to think; the line was long.
Lately, I feel like God has completely stripped me bare of everything that I hold dear. Lately, I feel as though I have been broken to the very core of my being, torn down to the foundation.....waiting to be rebuilt.
And as I stood in that line, I started to laugh,  because I thought......."God's been ripping out my mole hairs."
So often, in life, we get used to seeing something or being a certain way, that when others see it, they think it's unattractive, or ugly....but because we have gotten used to living this way.....selfish, unclean, etc....we feel comfortable. And yet, when God breaks us, or allows breakage....He is just getting rid of those things that will be unattractive to others......things that will keep them from seeing Christ in know....mole hairs. Now I am not saying that hair removal is easy, probably some of the most painful work God does.....but I am soon be hair-free.

(and if you are one, who leaves their mole hairs to grow, please don't take offense to this's just my personal opinion)

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  1. I thought of this post while we were in Greece.

    In the museum in the town nearby was a young, slender and lovely girl with a huge dark brown mole on the side of here nose. It must have been more than 1cm across, and stood up too. She was clearly self conscious about it because she walked past in front of our group with it on the side facing away, then back behind us when she had to go the other way.


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