Thursday, June 24, 2010

Four Years

Four years ago today.
It was a Saturday, four years ago this morning, that I held my father's hand as he passed from this life, into the next.....I like to say.....moved to Heaven.
I remember how painful it was, how I would hide in my safe place....the bed......and wonder if the pain would ever subside. It has.
At his funeral, my sister in law made a comment, that she wished that she had known him before he got sick, to which a pastor friend of ours explained......"Oh, he was just like Robyn."

Funny, how I never knew that, (except for the stubborn streak) and I can remember never being more proud...and a bit shocked. And yet, as I continue to live my life, pieces of my father's character sometimes come to surface.....mostly when traveling, or dealing with stupid drivers.

I have changed so much in these past few years....the past year especially, and it would give me joy to be able to tell him what I've been up to, what I've been doing......and I know, he wouldn't act proud, he would just say....."Well of course you can do that......" like there was ever any question.

And so today, I pray, that God will give my dad a little 'hi' from me.

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